And the Battle is Over!

That’s right! I finished it! The blanket is now in my sister’s possession and she loves it!

It’s at times like these that I am reminded why I work through the challenges I face with each project. Every misaligned panel, every dropped stitch, every time I just want to scream in frustration, it’s all worth it to see the recipient enjoy what I have spent so long making.

So, if you ever get discouraged, just remind yourself that what you’re making will make someone smile. Happy crafting!


Sew, sew.

This close to Christmas, there is nothing more frustrating than things not working right for a project the first time you have a go at it. For instance, I was sewing together two panels of my sister’s blanket and it wasn’t until I reached the end that I was two stitches off!

There are 230 stitches on each panel that I need to sew to the other panel and I was 2 stitches off. Despair, frustration and anger nearly overtook me in my sleep deprived state. …I may have throw the project down and punched it once…or twice… BUT! All was not lost! I took a break from the project to clear my mind and get some rest (both are needed for excellence in anything).

When I was ready to tackle the issue once more, I had a plan. Instead of ripping out all of the stitches, I took out a few and started sewing it back together. By doing this, I was able to be certain that I was not making the same mistake twice, and now, the edge looks much nicer than before.

The end on the left is how it was originally sewn together, but as you can see on the right, the new starting point creates a much straighter edge. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many times you have to redo something, just that you don’t give up on yourself. You will get it eventually!

…So I’m Not Dead…Just Super Distracted/Busy…

I know I haven’t made a post in forever, but I haven’t forgotten about my blog! I moved to a new state and had all of the issues that involved, hence my lack of posting in the past 6+ months. But I was also busy knitting and crocheting during that time!

I have completed some of my projects and added others!

I finished Paxton’s blanket!

And half of the girls’ amigurmis!

I don’t have pictures for everything, but I did make Landon his Toothless, Joey and Sammy their hats AND hooded scarves for my mom and each of her sisters! It was a busy Christmas that year…

Now I’m finishing up my sister’s Christmas present. It’s a slow and steady process. Of course I will take pictures when it’s done and share them with you! Please feel free to share your projects with me!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

I tried. I tried so hard to get this done on time. I worked until my wrists hurt. No such luck. Only today, a few minutes ago, did I actually finish my mother’s scarf. (Sorry it took so long, Momma.) 

I don’t know if you remember, but this is the project I first posted about: a scarf with the music from The Phantom of the Opera’s “Think Of Me” knitted into it. Here is the finished product!

As you can see, the style I used is double knitting with invisible cast on. The tricky part with this was when I got to the end and had to cast off in a way that would look like how I did my cast on. lissaplus3 on YouTube has two pretty good videos for this kind of beginning and ending,”Invisible Cast On for Double Knitting” and “Bind off for Double Knitting”, however, she does not explain how to use the stitch she uses to finish her project. This stitch is called the Kitchener stitch. I searched the web and found this explanation and chart that was really helpful. Go to this website and it will give you pictures and written out instructions on how to Kitchener:

Anyway, I hope Mom really likes her scarf! Happy knitting!

Happy Grandmother’s Day!

After a month of nothing from me, I have finally finished a project! (Yay!!!!) Here is the first of three Mother’s Day presents. (Mom’s going on a trip for a week, so she gets hers when she gets back, and Grandma S is coming in June, so she’ll get hers then.)

Grandma B loves birds and I found this one pattern that was simply adorable!…and utterly confusing and impossible. Just when all hope was lost, I found the pattern for this little cutie! Lime Green Lady posted the pattern for this on her WordPress blog (found here: and I fell in love! As per usual, I messed with the coloring to make it look like a robin and added eyes, but that was it! This pattern was so easy to read and follow, I was able to finish it in a day.

 You can find a multitude of decorative bird cages at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but you have to make your own perch. My dad helped me by cutting a dowel down to the size I needed and cut little slits in the ends to hold the sides.

To attach the bird: thread the foot colour yarn through a yarn needle and sew around the dowel.

It makes it look like actual feet!

I hope this gives you an idea for future Mom’s Day presents or decorations. Happy crafting!


Well…things are taking a bit of time so I thought I’d post something that I have already made. Remember how I said I already made my mom something giraffe related so I couldn’t do that for Mother’s Day?

My friend had this pattern that was too adorable to pass up. She was even nice enough to supply the yarn for me. Here it is!


All of the giraffe’s spots are French knots that are easy to find online and learn how to make. As for the eyes, I tapped into my cross stitch history and sewed them that way.

I apologise because I don’t know where to find the pattern. I think she copied it from a book that she owns.


The “Real Star” Of Pokémon

I couldn’t just send my friend a gag gift, now could I? Of course not! Then I was thinking, what better to go with a pokeball hat than the one pokemon that refused to go back into its pokeball? I found this pattern for an amigurumi and just fell in love. Here is the completed product:



Isn’t it adorable?! I found this little cutie on through Pintrest. What I like about this pattern is that the author has a section at the bottom where they go into detail about the tail if there is any confusion. This pattern was so easy that, if I wasn’t a complete ditz on Monday and remembered to pack my yarn needle, stuffing, eyes, and red and brown yarns, I could have easily finished this on the ride to and from Michigan this past week. (21 hours and I took naps).

Now, I just need to grab a card, tissue paper, the hat, and a box, so I can send this on its merry way.

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For Kicks and Giggles

So, one of my friends’ birthday is coming up and I wanted to send him a gift. Since he likes Pokemon, what better gift than a pokeball hat! …Actually, I’m making him a pikachu amigurumi and the hat is a gag gift.

I looked and looked, but there were no free patterns for pokeball hats. Instead, I found a good pattern for a regular beanie (pattern by Lili) and messed with the colors.

I also added an extra row of the cluster stitches and skipped three rows of the brim, but what do you think?

For the circle:

Round 1: (with white) ch 3 and 10 hdc in magic ring, slip stitch to join

Round 2: ch 3, 2 hdc in each st, slip to join

Round 3: (with black) ch 1, sc 1 in back loop of each stitch

Round 4: cut a long tail (approx. 4x the circumference of the button) and thread it through the hat somewhere along the black strip. (Insert hook in both loops of next stitch, through to the inside of the hat. Pull up one loop through hat and loop on hook) repeat for the entire round.

Bind off as you normally would.

By doing this, you create a definite edge to the circle like a button.

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“Think of Me” scarf

This year I wanted to give my mom something more than the usual little trinket for Mother’s Day; I wanted to make her something special. First, I thought about making her something giraffe related, but then I realized I couldn’t do that because I already made her a giraffe for her birthday. Then, I thought of what else she likes and what she might need. She’s been wearing my first failed attempt at a shawl as a scarf for a while now, so I decided to make her a scarf.

The next question was what could I do to make this scarf special. The answer was simple: double knit it with a special pattern. I had already done something similar for my brother when I made him a University of Michigan scarf, so I knew I could do it again, I just needed to think of a design. I knew that I wanted to do something musical with it, but asking Mom what her favorite song was seemed to be an exercise in futility because she loves music so much that she couldn’t decide. I decided to choose for her and chose “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera, one of her favorite musicals.

Now, if you decide to undertake knitting a design into your projects, I strongly suggest you plan it out on a grid of some sort as I have done for both projects. Not only does it help with knowing when to change colors, but also with the spacing of the design.

Here is how I have it planned on a grid:


And here is how it is translating so far:


Of course, there will be some ‘shrinking’ because stitches don’t sit like squares, but more like chevrons, but you can always try to compensate while planning (like I did with the sharp [2×3 center instead of 1×3]) or just go with the flow (like with the treble clef). If you are having difficulties planning out the curves in your design, try taking a piece of grid paper, draw the design, and then color in the squares that your lines are in.

Best of luck!


Hi! My name is Kathleen Storrs, but you can call me Kat. I’ve decided to start this blog because 1) I am a crafter, 2) I am a writer, and 3) I am honestly getting no where with my novels. Besides, I am always making something so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something to write about. (Fingers crossed and praying to God.)

A little about myself is that I am in college, studying for my bachelors in English with a concentration in writing through Regent University Online. While doing that, I like to fill my minimal spare time with making things, I almost always have a project in my purse. Especially if it’s a repeating pattern, or simple changes, it helps me focus on what is going on (my hands have to be doing something; I get it from my grandma), so I do it at church (I sit in the back so as to not disturb others), while watching TV (or Netflix as the case usually is), and in the car. Heck, if I wasn’t using my hands right now, I’d probably be crafting. My main medium is yarn, though I do extend to embroidery floss and fabric from time to time. I knit and crochet, making anything from scarves to sweaters to amigurumis. My patterns come from all over, but only on occasion do I attempt to design something myself (and it’s usually just fooling with the coloring).

With this blog, I plan on showing my completed works, giving advise, and sometimes even asking for help. Please be aware that I am a geek and will totally geek-out about things that my family and friends will most likely have no hope of understanding, whether it is what I’m geeking about or why I’m geeking about it. Please enjoy any and all Doctor Who, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, Once Upon a Time, and just plain Disney comments and/or rants I make and feel free to join in. Oh, and I plan to at least make an attempt at making things to go along with the above mentioned topics (I already bought the patterns from Disney amigurimis!).